In today's media obsessed environment, it can be difficult to illustrate who we are.  Branding & Marketing Strategist Jasmine Takanikos knows the power of  building a business through finding your own voice.  Takanikos created BrandHuman to establish a more genuine approach between offline objectives and online brand identity—a personalized approach that she has developed with clients ranging from global thought leaders & brands to small business owners.

Through thought-provoking lectures, interactive experience based workshops and immersive strategic sessions—including a partnership globally with Soho House —BrandHuman invites guests to consider and define their individual goals before cultivating a brand identity. Rather than providing best practices on personal branding to participants, BrandHuman asks you to think and feel first.

With strategic guidance from Jasmine Takanikos, BrandHuman is a set of personalized tools that will help you connect to and develop your audience, create an online strategy, and build a strong organic community centered around who you are as a human and a brand.  The Brand Human Principles are constantly evolving and growing based on the real time issues that we face as a collective regarding brand | self integration.

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Jasmine Takanikos

For almost two decades, Jasmine Takanikos has worked with both established brands and small businesses to develop brand strategy, integrated marketing, strategic planning, business development, creative direction, and digital strategy projects.

She is the creator of the global workshop and lecture series, BrandHuman centering around the importance of building lasting relationships with one’s core constituencies through the exploration of the self. Through interactive analysis of self positioning Takanikos aids in creating and cultivating online brand identities that synergistically align with the clients’ offline objectives. This approach, which is integrated into many of her strategic campaigns, has become a sought-after tool and as a result, a global BrandHuman series has been created in partnership with Soho House. Takanikos presents monthly talks at the Los Angeles, Malibu and New York houses. 

Takanikos is also Principal, Creative Strategist for Candor Branding, a branding and strategy firm, she also created and teaches the course "Centering Your Brand" at PARSONS The New School of Design.