Brand Human

A principle based methodology BrandHuman focuses on how content, community and evolution play key roles in business & brand development. 



In today's media-obsessed environment, it can be difficult to illustrate who we are. Branding & Marketing Strategist Jasmine Takanikos knows the power of building a business through finding your authentic voice, and she created BrandHuman to establish a more genuine connection between offline objectives and online brand identity. This personalized approach has been carefully developed through intense work with clients ranging from global thought leaders & brands to small business owners.


Through thought-provoking lectures, interactive experience-based workshops and immersive strategic sessions—including a global partnership with Soho House—BrandHuman invites guests to consider and define their individual goals before cultivating a brand identity. Rather than providing generic best practices on personal branding, BrandHuman first asks you to think and feel.

With strategic guidance from Jasmine Takanikos, BrandHuman is a set of personalized tools that will help you develop and connect with your audience, create an online strategy, and build a strong organic community centered around who you are as a human and a brand. The Brand Human Principles are constantly evolving and growing based on the real time issues that we face as a collective regarding brand and self integration.


Had I not created my own world, I would certainly have died in other peoples.

Anais Nin




The BrandHuman Soho House Series welcomes an eclectic audience of high-level entrepreneurs, CEOs, and executives to offer a provocative forum built around core BrandHuman principles. The monthly series takes place in New York City & Los Angeles with like-minded creatives to enhance the BrandHuman conversation.



Where are you coming from?



Amber Ibarreche





"Jasmine is a master at the distillation and then explanation of our current culture. Jasmine is more than a strategist, through her BrandHuman principals she has created an ideology, and as a creative person I now use them as a guideline for everything."

- Bliss Lau

I’m so grateful for having attended The BrandHuman workshop. I was drawn to the BrandHuman philosophy and wanted to apply those ideas and practices to my business as a photographer. Since the workshop I’ve been working one on one with Jasmine to help grow my brand into something that feels more authentic, considerate and more me. It’s been invaluable to have someone like Jasmine to consult with. She’s been equal parts cheerleader, wise-woman, strategist, and connector. It’s clear that she's invested in the growth of her clients. I would recommend Jasmine to anyone who is looking to refine or take their brand to the next level. "

- Heather Waraksa

"I have the utmost respect and appreciation for Jasmine’s guidance in navigating the world of social media and personal branding.   She has a knack for identifying her client’s strengths and competitive edge and then implementing a branding strategy which is natural, authentic and genuine. She simplifies marketing for those who are uncomfortable “marketing themselves” with the appropriate volume and tempo in their messaging. As someone who is not naturally comfortable marketing myself, Jasmine has showed me how to use social media in a way that makes sense for both me and my clients. In a world where social media speaks volumes, I feel lucky to have Jasmines’ guidance to show me the way. BrandHuman is critical for any business, small or large, as it is evident that silence is not an option."

- Wendy Arriz

After my first BrandHuman in November of 2015, I felt like I came out of a fog and I was completely able to evaluate my brand and my business with clarity. Since that BrandHuman, my productivity levels have soared, my confidence in myself and my brand has skyrocketed and I began to view this "trust" economy that we now live in, in a brand new light. Since our first meeting, Jasmine and I have collaborated on two Nantucket Entrepreneur Retreats, one Stowe, Vermont girls getaway weekend and two BrandHuman pop up business strategy sessions with dozens of businesses here on the island I live on. 
She is simply put, a gift to those that work with her. I cannot recommend her enough and am so grateful that I am one of her clients. She is one extraordinary woman."

- Holly Finigan