Brand Human

BrandHuman is an acknowledgement that we must explore and discover the complexities of humanhood when cultivating successful brands, Bodies, and Businesses.

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To share this methodology Jasmine hosts a discussion and lecture series at Soho House, co-created a signature course with Bliss Lau called Centering Your Brand, at PARSONS School of Design, and curates workshops and retreats for individuals, companies, and universities around the globe.

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“You can’t separate the work of understanding and discovering self and developing a brand voice.”


Particularly now, in a transient era of over-stimulation and lack of connection, it can be difficult to illustrate who we are.

But people’s desire to communicate and narrate the human condition remains, which is why BrandHuman was born.

BrandHuman serves entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, ranging from global thought leaders and brands to small business owners. The teachings and conversations of BrandHuman match the changes in our culture to best facilitate relevant conversations that remain considerate of the history of humanhood. Jasmine Takanikos guides this exploration through a personalized approach to examining the intersection of mind, body, business and narratives. Guests and students alike are invited to consider their own human experience and its relationship to their growth and goals.


How Are You Branding Yourself? The Founder Of BrandHuman On Why Authenticity Isn't Enough

“ I saw that people were struggling with deeply human issues around building a brand, such as shyness, exposure, fear, judgment, over-confidence, etc… The growth of all brands is never done and the growth of all people is never done: BrandHuman is that supportive code.”

- Jasmine Takanikos for Forbes


Meet Jasmine

For almost two decades, Jasmine Takanikos has been helping people find their voice, communicate who they are, and explore what it means to be part of the human collective.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, Jasmine works to uncover the tools, strategy, and direction to build thriving brands, bodies, and businesses.

Jasmine consistently examines interdisciplinary ways to explore what it means to be human and how we can each uniquely communicate and narrate this universal condition.


BrandHuman recognizes that authenticity is something you feel, not something you say.

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Through facilitating people’s desire for higher consciousness, emotional exploration, and opportunities for connections, BrandHuman simply uncovers what is naturally there.



“Jasmine is a master at the distillation and then explanation of our current culture. Jasmine is more than a strategist, through her BrandHuman principles she has created an ideology and as creative person I now use them as a guideline for everything.”

Bliss Lau | Bliss Lau Jewelry Design


“BrandHuman has given me the ability to take a honest look at my business and has provided insight and direction to cause the transformative shift I was looking for to reach the next evolution of my company...Authenticity is often overlooked and and BrandHuman created a platform to create a dialogue that was both meaningful and impactful.”

Anthony Demby | Humble Riot



Join us in the exploration and conversation



“I am so excited by companies, people and brands that infuse their work with class and subtlety. BrandHuman is that company. Collaborating with BrandHuman, everything is elevated a notch in beauty. It was an extraordinary experience and I look forward to more in the future.”

Biet Simkin | A spiritual teacher and author


“Since BrandHuman, my productivity levels have soared, my confidence in myself and my brand has skyrocketed and I began to view this “trust” economy that we now live in, in a brand new light.”

Holly Finigan | Nantucket Blackbook