BrandHuman is a community of a highly connected and aware group of creative individuals seeking truth and growth. Explore the ways you can engage with BrandHuman personally, professionally, and socially.

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Through engaging with BrandHuman’s Offerings Add Value to your personal position, perspectives, and presence. Connect with profound principles to implement practices for growth.




Through a single insight session or year-long quarterly intensive with BrandHuman, uncover and activate your personal narrative to uniquely position yourself, your brand, and your business.



Under the physical, digital, and environmental stresses of our modern world, the entrepreneur and intrapreneur must consider and optimize their physical wellness in order to truly thrive. This is an immersive experience focused on body, mind, and brand that combines the BrandHuman methodology practices with Amaveda whole-body reset program, up-leveling professional clarity, physical performance, focus, and drive.This pause encourages entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to boost the body and brand’s productivity. Ultimately, this escape allows leaders to better themselves, their health, and their brands before returning to their daily lives.



We commune around a table to fuel our bodies, minds, and spirits by engaging in rich facilitated dialogue centered around BrandHuman principles and teaching, catered to the current cultural climate and needs of the community. Through this curated experience we facilitate and welcome vulnerability, sharing, collaboration, and community building.



A connective and focused three hours that fosters learning, growth, connectivity, and community. Our teachings will be curated for our partner and their community. Through our workshops take a bit of a deeper dive into our principles.



Jasmine has been a speaker and educator for over a decade, sharing BrandHuman principles and teachings for audiences around the world. Leaders and communities like Parsons, Adobe, CNN, Soho House, NPR, Roc Nation, and more have experienced the profound impact of these distillations that examine the intersection between self and cultural systems.

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Experience for yourself what it means and feels like to be part of BrandHuman. Connect with the inspiration within so that you can give to your creativity and community without. We are the connective piece to elevate your thinking, work, and growth.