Should Instagram Also Make Follower Numbers Invisible?

Jasmine Takanikos, principal at the branding and design studio Candor and founder of BrandHuman, explains:

The issue with putting a high value on followers is that there is not an understanding of quality of the person doing the 'following'. A bot or a spam account will not and does not equal engagement or sales.”

- Forbes, July, 2019


These Branding Gurus Share Why Storytelling In Business Matters:

“BrandHuman is a methodology, and daily practice of how you function as an entrepreneur and intrapreneur. We are committed to serving the creative communities through directional and profound programming.”

- Create & Cultivate, June, 2019


How Are You Branding Yourself? The Founder Of BrandHuman On Why Authenticity Isn't Enough:

“I saw that people were struggling with deeply human issues around building a brand, such as shyness, exposure, fear, judgment, over-confidence, etc… The growth of all brands is never done and the growth of all people is never done: BrandHuman is that supportive code.”

- ForBEs, March, 2018


Go Behind the Scenes at a Real Detox Retreat

“Shaw and Takanikos have tailored their retreat’s itinerary to flow well between the elements of bodywork, brand work, and mindfulness. Ultimately, this escape allows leaders to better themselves, their health, and their brands before returning to their daily lives. “Under the physical, digital, and environmental stresses of our modern world,” Takanikos says, “the entrepreneur and intrapreneur must consider and optimize their physical wellness in order to truly thrive.”

- Brit & Co. April, 2019



A Designer Explores a New Medium to Inspire Creativity

“Barnett’s Transitions from working textile designer to ceramic resident began with A sort of introspective evaluAtion. “I believed in having guidance, so I reached out to a consultant to help me reposition the brand,”…After a few conversations with Jasmine Takanikos, She said “…you need to position your as an artist.”

- Architectural Digest, December, 2018

Making Brand Strategy Personal And Being The Energy Source Of Your Business

“The entrepreneur leading a business is the energy source whether it is a team of 100 or just you.”

- Woke & Wired, October, 2018

Centering Your Brand: Bliss Lau and Jasmine Takanikos

“We are living in a trust economy...trusting you in your deliverables is everything. And how is this really something you are working towards, because we believe the new model is about honesty, creativity, and value add.”

- Hawaii Public Radio, November, 2016


Pitch Perfect

“BrandHuman is a methodology on personal positioning self…I ask questions about how do you relate to your business and what is culturally in front of us? What are your value components, your differentiation factor, and how connected are you to that ethos?… Originality and connectivity to your art is still the magic piece.”

- WorkParty, October, 2018


Balancing ACK with Jasmine Takanikos

“BrandHuman is activated through experiential events…that address personal positioning, business development, community connectivity, social media… [all topics] look at the brand, the business, and the person holistically.”

- Nantucket NPR Station, September, 2018


How Women Can Use Monthly Periods As A Productivity Tool

Jasmine Takanikos, founder of Brand Human and Candor Branding, uses her hormonal cycles to achieve greater success and says “Because hormone health is the backbone to my health & work routines I try to plan all of my public facing lectures for Brand Human during the Follicular Phase. My energy is more focused toward high energy output.”

- From Forbes, May, 2018

The Success Secret That Scares Every 20-Something

“Everything you need to put out into the world is already pre-existing within yourself.”

- Refinery 29, March, 2016


Following you intuition as an entrepreneur, evolving, and finding balance with social media

“ To be an entrepreneur is to go through many births and deaths, because part of the entrepreneurial journey is constantly adapting, shifting, and changing.”

- In It 4 The Long Run, July, 2017